Urgent Prayer Request

From Charley Carpenter:

Please be in prayer for Joane Carpenter’s twin sister Janey Kagley. Joane is en-route to Sutter Regional Hospital in Santa Rosa following notification that her sister is in the emergency room suffering from a suspected stroke or heart attack. She is awake and responsive but no other details are currently available. Please pray for a quick diagnosis and guidance for the medical team as they assess the situation. Please pray a hedge of protection over Joane as she travels to and from Santa Rosa and please pray for a full recovery for Jayne. Thank you and God bless you!

Prayer Request

From Jamie McDowell:

Please pray for Liam Girod, he’s 5 years old and in Liam’s class at school.  He was just diagnosed with Leukemia last night and is at Oakland’s children hospital. He began chemo treatments today. My heart is so heavy for their family. His mom Joanie is trusting and putting it in God’s hands. Prayer for complete healing and for this family. Thank you.

Prayer Requests

From Janea Rubio:

My Aunt Helen passed away unexpectedly this morning (Helen Williams that comes to church with my Grandma Ann). My 2 grandma’s and my grandpa are taking it hard. My 2 grandma’s and Aunt Helen were best friends and spent all day every day together. Please add our family to your prayers, we would appreciate it.

From Donna Mahoney:

Urgent prayer request for my cousin’s nephew. Frankie is 15 years old,  just got his driver’s permit and he and his mom were driving around in the country when he lost control, got in an accident and his mother passed away. I can’t imagine what he’s going through, but please pray.